Bieber 'banned for life' after botched deal with Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Pretty sweet deal. Post a photo of you and your buddies in midair at an indoor skydiving place and get a free pass — $1,600 stays in your pocket.

But Justin Bieber didn’t want to put in the effort, E! News reports, quoting the people who run Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

An agreement struck between the business and the Biebs as he arrived at closing time on June 16 called for the pop superstar to post a midflight Instagram pic of himself with a complimentary caption, or just pay the $1,600. Bieber agreed to the publicity photo, but instead, according to the skydiving facility, “faked it” when he was supposed to post the pic to his social media account.

Result? Banned for life from the indoor skydiving place, which is just off the Strip between Wynn and the Riviera.

E! says he made their “no fly list.”

The New York Daily News adds to the embarrassment, reporting that the singer and his entourage were disrespectful.

The Contra Costa Times reports there was no tip, and points out that Bieber is being banned “around the globe” for his antics. “What a worm. This guy probably has $1,600 in change scattered about his couch cushions,” writes Tony Hicks.