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Herb Jaffe: Senior circuit: Softball is a big draw in Sun City

There’s a softball field in Sun City Summerlin that some view as a throwback to the sandlot they played on as kids. But for most of the seniors who play there the field is viewed more as a site for serious daily activity, and in some cases fulfillment of a passion, than a reminder of yesteryear.

Herb Jaffe: Summerlin residents decry plan for less-frequent trash collection

Las Vegas City Council, take heed: Folks in Summerlin are not happy about those trash-collection changes proposed by Republic Services of Southern Nevada. In fact, many seniors — especially those who live in the hilly sections of Sun City Summerlin — are downright livid over the prospect of having to push rolling trash carts, which Republic would provide, to and from the curb.

Las Vegas Summerlin Sports Complex concept not so far-fetched

So imagine this scenario: A state-of-the-art ice hockey practice facility for the Las Vegas NHL expansion franchise just off of Pavilion Center Drive, diagonally to the rear of Red Rock Casino Resort and just opposite Downtown Summerlin. Then, heading farther in an easterly direction and ultimately next door to the 120,000-square-foot ice skating facility, a modernistic baseball stadium for the Las Vegas 51s.

Dart thrower-turned-author has made stops all over the career map

The latest character to cross my threshold is Houston Hartwell Reed II, visitor to five continents — including “at least 15 countries” — all due to a proficiency that makes him legendary in the world of professional darts. But he’s better known as Howie Reed to the “Lunch Bunch,” those of us who gather one day each week at a popular pub in downtown Las Vegas.

Brace for another 15 months of Summerlin Parkway work

If you’re committed to traveling Summerlin Parkway on any kind of regular basis, then get used to ongoing traffic snafus, humongous construction equipment, endless lines of orange cones, single-lane traffic and, of course, stop-and-go delays. And it’s going to be that way for another 15 months or so.

Crime specialist urges importance of Neighborhood Watch in Summerlin

It’s one thing for residents of Summerlin to recognize an increase in criminal activity that may warrant closer attention by the Metropolitan Police Department. But it’s another thing for the same residents to recognize that there are effective initiatives they can take on their own to help deter such crimes.

Instances of crime on the downswing, cases being solved in Summerlin, Las Vegas police say

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is a man of his word. No question about it. And almost 300 residents of Sun City Summerlin can attest to that, especially after hearing Lt. Nick Farese explain how an increased police presence — just as Lombardo promised — has helped ward off the wave of burglaries and robberies that hit the retirement community earlier this year.

Former sports writer shares first-person account of Ali and ‘Hurricane’ Carter

The first thing Muhammad Ali did as the limousine slowly crept away from the Passaic County Courthouse in Paterson, N.J., was reach into his pocket and take out a fistful of hundred-dollar bills. He placed the wad into one hand of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter while Carter nervously fingered the gold chain around his neck, which was clasped to a glittering gold medallion. How do I know all this? I was the fly on the wall in that limousine.

Summerlin’s ‘young water system’ makes contaminants unlikely

If you live in Summerlin or surrounding areas, it should be of comfort to know that the water you drink is clear of even the remotest threat of lead and any other contaminants. And that’s irrespective of whatever some final determination might be about whether there was lead in the water of the old school house in the little town of Goodsprings, located west of Las Vegas.

Looking to go solar? Find an alternative through Southwest Gas

“Go solar”… “Save money and energy”… “Help preserve the environment.” Sound familiar? It should, especially if you’re one of the more than 17,000 Nevadans who got suckered into believing those and other positive catchphrases when you either bought or leased the solar energy panels sitting on your roof.

Counter-terrorism group keeps close eye on houses of worship

You might think that any of the glitzy Strip casinos, McCarran International Airport, Hoover Dam, or major overpasses such as the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which spreads across the Colorado River and bypasses the dam, would stand out as being among the most vulnerable sites for a terrorist attack. But there’s another sector that may be even more susceptible: houses of worship.